Removal of Excess Chicken Coops!

Hey Farmers,

This is an excerpt from official Farmville Forum So Please look into it..

When the Chicken Coop feature was initially released, it was not intended for users to be able to have more than one chicken coop per farm.

Due to various glitches and bugs in the past few weeks, certain users were able to place multiple chicken coops on their farms, which is a violation of FarmVille policy.

In order to rectify this situation, the FarmVille team has removed all excess Chicken Coops. This means that all users who are in possession of more than one Chicken Coop will be affected by this release.

To ensure our players are not overly inconvenienced by this change, all chickens that are in excess coops will be placed in your Gift Box. If you have more than 30 Chickens in multiple coops, your gift box will expand to accommodate all of them. This should ensure that you do not lose any chickens that are housed in excess coops.

In addition to this, we will leave the most valuable Chicken Coop on your farm.

For example: if you are in possession of two chicken coops, one will be removed. If one Coop has 20 chickens and the other Coop has 3, we will leave the coop with 20 chickens on your farm.

This update will be completed in stages over the next few days, as it is a fairly complicated fix. This means that certain users will lose their additional coops before others.

We understand that many of our players enjoy having multiple Chicken Coops, however allowing this is something that threatens the stability of FarmVille. Having multiple coops increases the chances of producing Mystery Eggs. Having too many Mystery Eggs present in the FarmVille economy can unbalance the game. To ensure the health and longevity of FarmVille, we must limit the number of
Chicken Coops to one per user.

After this release, being in possession of multiple Chicken Coops may result in consequences, as additional coops can only be obtained via cheating or hacking. If you would like to report a user for having multiple coops, please feel free to contact Zynga Customer Support.

We apologize for any inconvenience or confusion these glitches may have caused you and we would like to thank you for your patience and understanding while we
continue to work through the Beta process.

Unwither: Dont worry of withered crops anymore

Dead crops? No need to worry! You can now purchase applications of Unwither to revive any withered crops.


Unwither allows you to bring your own or your neighbour's crops back to life after they have withered.

Upon entering FarmVille you’ll see the "Unwither Icon" in the upper left hand corner of the FarmVille.

Clicking on the icon will open the following pop-up.

Clicking "Accept" will take you to the Market, where you can purchase a set of three Unwithers for 30 Farm Cash (you can also purchase Unwither sets from the Market at any time underneath the Upgrade Farm tab).

Once you purchase sets of Unwither, they are placed in your gift box and can be used on your own farm to restore your withered crops (Just click Use).

You must have 8 or more plots of withered crops for Unwither to become
available. An icon in the lower left corner of your screen (near your fuel level) will show you how many Unwither items you have available when you have enough withered crops.

You can also use Unwither to restore your neighbour's crops. If you’ve already purchased an Unwither set, when you visit a neighbour's farm that has 8 or more withered crops, you’ll receive a pop-up informing you that you can use an application of Unwither to bring their withered crops back to life.

Clicking "Accept" will use one of your Unwithers and instantly restore your neighbor’s crops. Afterwards, you’ll be able to post a feed to that neighbour's wall, letting them know what you have done.

If you visit a Neighbour's Farm who has not played in more than 30 days, you will be given the option to use a free application of Unwither to bring their withered crops back to life.

Valentine's Day Gift Box

You can now send Valentine's to your friends and trade them in for special items!

Please find more information about the Valentine's Gift Box below:

Valentine's Gift Box:

With the Valentines Box you can collect Valentine’s Day gifts from your friends, then trade them in for special items.

Open your gift box and you’ll find a Valentines Box waiting for you.

After you place the Valentines Box on your Farm, you will see the following pop-up.

Clicking "Okay" will open your Valentine's Day Box. From here, you can see how many Valentines you have collected in the Progress Menu.

In order to collect Valentines, you’ll have to receive them from friends.
Clicking the ‘Ask for Love’ button will allow you to send a single Valentines Gift to any of your friends (just like the Free Gifts page), and give them the chance to send you one in return.

Friends can also send Valentines from the Free Gifts page:

Upon receiving and accepting a Valentine it will appear in your gift box. Clicking "Use" will place the gift in your box automatically. As you collect gifts, each item you can unlock will be revealed as you collect the proper amount of gifts, and the "redeem" button will become available for each item. Clicking "Redeem" will award you the gift in return for the proper amount of Valentines.

Every 5 Valentines you collect, you’ll be able to post a Feed to your wall to alert your Friends of how well you’re doing and give them a chance to collect a free Valentine. 10 Neighbors will be able to collect one free Valentine when clicking on the feed within 24 hours.

For each notch on the meter of your Valentines Box’s temperature gauge, your box will change appearance, overflowing with more and more gifts.

Clicking "Share" on this pop-up will allow you to post a feed alerting your of your progress, and giving 10 more neighbors a chance for a free Valentine.

Clicking ‘Progress’ in the Valentines Box menu will show how many Valentines you have in comparison to your friends.

Latest Limited Edition Item , New Limited edition Items

Limited Edition Items:

* Love Arch - 2200 Coins

* Cupid Gnome - 18 Farm Cash

* Cupig - 15 Cash

* Love Balloon- 18 Farm Cash

* I Love You I - 2 Farm Cash

* I Love You II - 2 Farm Cash

* XOXO - 2 Farm Cash

* Swan Fountain - 24 Farm Cash

EARN 130176 Coins and 3456 XP in A DAY in Farmville

Earn As Much as 226 and 6 XP Per Field in 24 Hrs So if you have 24 X 24 Farm then you can make 130176 Coins and 3456 Xp in 24 Hours Time

New Limited Edition Crops are in there and You Can Make Huge Amount of Coins and Earn XP Faster than any time in this short period of time.

These Crops are available for limited time so don't miss it. So For Instance You Have Farm Of Size 22 X 22

Then You will earn iHours thats what the cycle id of in Farmville Day

Total Plots = for 22 X 22 = 484

Total Coins Per cycle of One Of Fire n Ice and Of Ghost chilli = (136-80-15) + (350-150-15) = 226 Coins

Total Xp For Both The Crops Planting and Plowing = 2 + 4 = 6
So You Make 109384 Coins and 2904 XP Thats A Great Way To Level Up faster.

Similiarly if You 24 Size farm then you can make around 3456 XP and 130176

So Dont Wait and use this limited time Offer And Reach Higher Level faster.

Holy Cow The World’s Biggest Celebrities Enter The Farmville Frenzy!

For those of you who don’t know Farmville mania has swept the nation over the last few months. It’s a Facebook application which now rivals Twitter in overall usage. Everyone is playing this Zynga created application it along with its counterpart’s café world and Fishville. In fact over 26.5 million players are online at any given time playing this free interactive game that allows you to grow and manage your very own farm, you hire friends, family and neighbors to do everything from fertilizing your fields to plowing and so much more, also very popular is cafeworld a similar games where you prepare and sell all kinds of food items eventually becoming a master chef, if I’m being honest I have never played Fishville so I can’t really give you an accurate description.

Celebrities have been quietly coming out of the woodwork lately confessing that they too are Farmville Addicts. Some have even admitted to playing for up to four hours a day! The list of rumored celebrities said to be living it up on the farm in their spare time include the likes of Lady Gaga, Wyclef Jean, AnnaLynne McCord, Avril Lavigne, Ellen and even Rachael Ray.

So what makes these games so addicting? I believe it’s the fact that you really can’t loose, I mean of course your crops can fail if you don’t harvest them in time or your food will go bad and attract flies and not customers in café world, you may even have a fish or two die on you in Fish Ville but all in all what’s not to love about a game you can’t loose?

The other part of course is the fact if you play according to the rules you can advance and upgrade at a very fast pace, people love to fantasize about their dream home or farm or cafe and with these apps you can have that huge farmhouse you always wanted in weeks not decades. My Point is everyone has a dream and this gives some a feeling of accomplishment, even though it’s not real as long as a human being can see themselves doing a better job than someone else they are good to go. With so many new members signing up every day you can be sure you are doing better than someone and this in turn makes you believe you are having a grand old time playing away!

If I’ve got you thinking about checking it out keep in mind a few things, first don’t cheat, really what’s the point of setting up the farm or cafe if you cheated and missed out on most of the adventure anyways? I do however agree you can always read a bit about the application and even find some very helpful tips to get you going in the right direction. I have personally bought and tried over 20 different “Farmers Handbooks” or “Secrets Of Farmville” type e-books and you guessed it 99% of them taught me nothing I couldn’t have figured out all by myself. I did however get lucky finally and found a few that delivered on their promises and really worked well for me, last week I even talked to a few others that used these in online forums about their luck with the products to be sure I wasn’t the only one to find them useful.

Click Below To Start Playing Farmville On Your Facebook account:
Open Farmville Application Now

FarmVille Kangaroo is approaching the farms!!!

FarmVille Kangaroo is likely to join the Farm fun soon - Hopefully within next a few days. It will be purchasable by Farm Cash and will be a Limited Time Animal.

You can see a picture of the FarmVille Kangaroo here.
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