Will FarmVille players go bananas over this new animal?

As part of the "Far East" special edition theme, a Langur Monkey debuted in FarmVille on April 8th 2010! The Langur Monkey can be purchased for 18 FV$ in the FarmVille Market during the next 25 days. Zynga thinks that FarmVille players will go bananas over this new animal that was added to the FarmVille Market. It is a harvestable animal, meaning that it will yield coins once harvested.

What do you think of the Langur Monkey?

FarmVille Dogs have arrived!

  • In a very anticipated enhancment tonight Puppies have finally made it to our farms!
  • While purchasing your puppy, you will be learn following details:
    • As promised by Zynga previously, you can name your Puppy
    • Puppies bought from FV Cash will not run away- Only coin puppies will run away if not taken care of
    • You will need to feed your puppy kibble (You can send Kibble to your friends via the free gift page on FarmVille or purchase it in the FarmVille Market for $FV) every day, or he will run away
    • Your Puppy runs around! Even on your crops
    • You can choose for your dog to follow your avatar ( your farmer )
    • You can tickle your puppy- How cute !


How I got Border Collie and Golden Retriever in Farmvile


Size: 9.5 MB

Here is how I got Golden Retriever and Border Collie. On Farmville Market both dogs are 50 Farm Cash. I will show you how to get them for FREE

Click Here

Watch these videos and see for yourself.


to download the FarmVilleDogs Guide to get Golden Retriever and Border Coolie on your farm

FarmVille Bot Download

FarmVille Magic Tools: The Ultimate Cheat for Lazy Farmers
One of the biggest searches related to FarmVille this week is "FarmVille Magic Tools." After doing some research, we discovered that this is not a cool new feature in the game, but a popular hack that virtual farmers are using to farm faster, which means earning coins and experience faster.
What does FarmVille Magic Tools Do?
In essence, this hack will help you harvest, plow and plant crops in the game faster. You will also be able to harvest trees and animals with a single click.
How does FarmVille Magic Tools Work?To use FarmVille Magic Tools, download the .zip file onto your Desktop. The .zip file contains a text file and the Magic Tools program (a simple .exe file). Double click on the .exe file and it will launch. Then open FarmVille in another window. Scroll all the way out in FarmVille, then drag and drop the cow in Magic Tools over your farm. Then select Magic Plow Tool, Magic Plant Tool and Magic Harvest Tool and ripe crops will automatically be harvested, plowed and seeded.

The hack also has an option to automatically Harvest/Collect for trees and animals. Just select a tree/animal and all of the harvesting will be done with a single click.

CLICK HERE to go to download page
Based on comments about the cheat, you've got about a 70/30 chance of this working, and people seem pleased with the results. See the hack in action in the YouTube video below.
CLICK HERE to go to download page

FarmVille Easter Egg Cheats & Tips: Four ways to collect more eggs

In honor of the Spring season upon us, FarmVille has rolled out the Spring
Basket, which requires you to fill it with colorful eggs that can be traded in
for redeemable prizes. There are four ways to acquire Easter eggs for this
mini-game, and we list them all here so you will can have the most egg-cellent
collection among all of your FarmVille neighbors.

farmville easter eggs as free gifts

1. Entice fellow farmers to send you FarmVille Easter eggs as free gifts

Head over to the Free Gifts section of the game, and you'll notice that five
colorful eggs are now available for gifting:

*Pink Spring Egg

*Orange Spring Egg

*Purple Spring Egg

*Blue Spring Egg

*Red Spring Egg

You can send these eggs to up to 30 people per day, and of course, ask friends
to send them back to you. As usual, if you give you will be more likely to

farmville ask for Easter eggs

Or, if you want take a more pro-active approach, ask up to 30 friends a day to
send Easter Eggs (via the Spring Basket pop-up screen). Friends who respond will
receive a special bonus for helping you on your egg quest.

farmville easter eggs: find while fertilizing friends farms

2. Find Easter eggs while fertilizing FarmVille neighbors' farms

As an added twist, you will not be completely reliant on friends to score oodles
of Easter eggs -- you will also be able to find them while fertilizing friends
farms. A nice touch, especially since we've already spent so much time this
month pestering friends for gold and La Maison parts. An important note: we had
to do quite a bit of fertilizing to find this one egg; about six or seven farms
to find just one egg!

FarmVille Spring Eggs

3. Buy Easter eggs in the FarmVille Market

If you just want to get it over with already -- you can opt to buy them in the
FarmVille market. You can buy five Spring Eggs (Easter eggs) for 5 FarmVille
Cash. Depending on how many you need to buy, this could potentially turn into a
pricey acquisition.

farmville easter eggs wall post

4. Troll the Facebook News Feed to find friends giving away extra Easter

Once you find eggs while fertilizing a neighbor's farm, you will have the option
to share a few extras with friends by posting a notice to your Facebook wall. To
that point: your neighbors will *ideally* do the same. Keep a sharp eye out for
friends who find eggs and want to share -- that can be an effective way to have
your Spring basket overflowing with eggs in no time.

How did you get most of your FarmVille Easter eggs?

Millions of FarmVille players sign up for French courses

With the introduction of the French Chateau theme on FarmVille, millions of FarmVille players signed up for French courses to understand the many French terms that appeared in the names of the newly released items.

Husbands and mothers were not very happy about this. “ I can’t stand it anymore. She’s talking French all the time!” protested Ed, husband of farmer Suzie.

” My kids keep asking for croissants!”, said a mother of three FarmVille players. ” Peanut butter sandwiches are not cool anymore!”

The French theme leaves the market on the 30th of March. Will the French fever end with its departure?

FarmVille Mini Items Appear in Cafe World and FishVille!

The other Zynga games, Cafe World and FishVille are celebrating FarmVille by releasing special edition mini-FarmVille collectible items.

FarmVille in Fishville Announcement

You can send and receive mini FarmVille items through the Gifting Pages of Cafe World and FishVille. The mini-FarmVille items will change on a daily basis and will be available for only a limited amount of time. For example, today’s Cafe World FarmVille collectible is a Mini-Barn. Additionally, FishVille has FarmVille items in the Market Place that you can buy with coins.

In the past, PetVille has also participated in FarmVille themed items.

Note: The Mini-FarmVille items are used in the game they appear in, they are not for use in FarmVille.

FarmVille FishVille

FarmVille FishVille Red

FarmVille FishVille
Tractor Sub

FarmVille FishVille

FarmVille FishVille Deep
Sea Chicken

FarmVille FishVille
Seaweed Bunch

FarmVille FishVille Green
Kelp Bale

FarmVille FishVille Red
Kelp Bale

FarmVille FishVille Sea

FarmVille FishVille
Seahorse Stable Giftable

FarmVille FishVille Scuba
Duck Giftable

FarmVille FishVille Red
Kelp Bale Giftable

FarmVille FishVille Green
Kelp Bale Giftable

FarmVille Unreleased Golden Retriever & Border Collie Animated

FarmVille Freak
Unreleased Border Collie


FarmVille Unreleased
Golden Retriever Puppy

The Flash plugin is required to view this object.

The Flash plugin is required to view this object.



  1. FarmVille Unreleased Golden Retriever –

    Zynga FarmVille Image

    Zynga FarmVille Animated
  2. FarmVille Unreleased Border Collie –

    Zynga FarmVille Image

    Zynga FarmVille Animated

We’ve all seen the still images of the FarmVille unreleased
Dogs, now check out the animated video!

These images are directly from Zynga and ownership belongs to
Zynga alone.

Thanks to FarmVille Freaks: FVFreak Lawyer, FVFreak
MarkMartijn, and FVFreak Saquib244 for sharing their finds with

Do you think we can expect the FV Dogs next week!?

The Best Mafia Wars Tricks Ever Revealed - 4 Tips to Win and Dominate Mafia Wars

Mafia wars is an exciting online multi-player game that has over 19 million users currently playing on Facebook, Myspace and Yahoo. This article will give you some of the best Mafia Wars tricks ever revealed. It will provide 4 tips to win and dominate Mafia Wars.

Everyone will be begging to know what you're doing to dominate this game. Before we get into the tricks, I want to tell you that you should try and take this game life as your own. I mean, don't get TOO into it that you actually believe it is your life. But, a lot of this game and the success of it requires some of the same things that your own life may require such as work, investments and having a strong family. Anyways, let's get started with best Mafia Wars tricks ever to be revealed!

Tip #1 to Win and Dominate Mafia Wars - Work

It is absolutely necessary for you to work to start dominating the game. For this game to run smoothly on your side, you need money. When you start doing jobs not only do you get money but you also gain experience which allows you to level up as well. Just like in real life, working is very important and money is super good too. So work your butt off and it will pay off.

Tip #2 to Win and Dominate Mafia Wars - Buy Property

You want to buy property because the more property you have the more investments you have. The more investments you have the more money you have access to. To begin investing you can start with Mafia Mike's investments which helps you to also start earning more money. Then once you have more money, you are able to purchase larger investments which give you a much larger return on your investment.

Tip #3 to Win and Dominate Mafia Wars - Be Good to Your Family

Just like in real life, you need to be good to your family to have a strong and large family. This game is all about money and having a strong family. The only way to actually be successful in this game is to have a strong family with people that can back you up when things get rough. Make sure that nobody on your family is weak. Ensure that your entire family have weapons readily available to them. You are a team, when one person in the family is in trouble; you need to go defend them. This is absolutely key to a successful game and one of the best Mafia Wars tricks ever revealed and is often overlooked.

Tip #4 to Win and Dominate Mafia Wars - Get the Best Equipment

It is extremely important that you and your entire family are equipped with sufficient weapons, armour and vehicles. This is absolutely necessary so you can defend yourself and build your Mafia Wars family. Some equipment can only be obtained after you reach certain levels though. Be sure to go to Cuba when you reach level 35 because you will find plenty of useful weapons and gain a lot of experience.

Are you tired of losing all your fights and constantly getting robbed? Tired of having to beg people to join your mafia family because it's not strong enough? Have you always wondered how other players are dominating Mafia Wars? They really don't have a god given Mafia Wars gift, trust me! You just need to have all the powerful materials to start dominating Mafia Wars. Learn how I have legally:

1. Reached 500 Mafia member on the first level
2. Destroy every target on my hitlist with reckless abandon
3. Get a huge amount of Godfather points
4. Master any job and any level super quick
5. Make millions and millions of dollars very easily, every single day
6. Dominate the entire Mafia Wars game

Other Mafia Wars players may not be so happy that I am willing to release this information, but I'm not going to hide it. Get in on the Mafia Wars secrets that top mafias are using each day, and get in on it fast before it's too late!

Ultimate Guide For Kicking Ass In Mafia Wars

Mafia Wars is popular Facebook game created by Zynga. In this Mafia Wars guide, we will be discussing stuff like how to play Mafia Wars, great Mafia Wars tips, and how to win lots of money. We’ll be updating this Mafia Wars guide as new features are released by Zynga. Mafia Wars is a highly addictive Facebook game but it’s also a great place to meet and add Facebook friends too. Everyone I’ve met in Mafia Wars has not only been friendly but supportive and ready to go to war in a moments notice for his/her own Mafia Wars family. Through the help of some Mafia Wars members, we’ve come up with some great Mafia Wars tips and strategies on how to play the game.
Mafia Wars Guide Tip #1: (bank the money) – Protect your money by depositing it into the bank. Otherwise, you run the risk of losing it in fights or getting robbed.
Mafia Wars Guide Tip #2: (gift often) – You’re only as strong as your family and therefore gifting to weak members is beneficial to everyone. Make sure each one of your Mafia Wars family members has 1) a vehicle, 2) weapons, 3) armour, and 4) Mafia Wars energy.
Mafia Wars Guide Tip #3: (protect the family) – When the call for help goes out, you should join the fight to protect family members. That is, unless the opponent is too strong. In that case, bitch slap/sucker punch and make a run for it!
Mafia Wars Guide Tip #4: (work and buy properties) – Work your butt off doing jobs to earn money and complete the various levels. As your Mafia grows, keep buying up Mafia Mike’s as it’s the best return on your money and such property can’t be stolen.
Mafia Wars Guide Tip #5: (great weapons win) – Don’t waste your points or money obtaining weapons that have weak attack points. When you join a fight, the weapons with the highest attack points are used first so it’s important you have a lethally strong arsenal. Also, don’t waste your money buying weapons that you cannot use for gifting to others.
Mafia Wars Guide Tip #6: (stay energized) – If you want more energy, don’t waste your Godfather points to increase it. Instead, use your Godfather points to buy four upgrade points. It will cost you 14 Godfather points to do so, but it will help you in the long run. As your Mafia Wars energy capacity grows, you’ll eventually be able to pass each level much quicker and with a surplus of energy points.
Mafia Wars Guide Tip #7: (2X level rule) – Your attack and defence points in Mafia Wars should be very strong and should scale according to your level. As a rule of thumb many Mafia Wars players like to have their attack and defence points at twice that of the level they are currently playing. Thus if your on Mafia Wars level two, your attack points should be at four and your defence points should be just as high.
Mafia Wars Guide Tip #8: (loading problems) – Sometimes your screen will freeze and refreshing doesn’t help. In that case, just go to your updates and choose a person in your Mafia Wars family to fight. It’ll say something like you can’t fight someone in your own Mafia Wars members but if you look to the right you’ll see the regular fight screen.
Mafia Wars Guide Tip #9: (brag gifting) – You don’t need to announce that you’ve been gifting. In fact many Mafia Wars players find it quite annoying to see your gifts filling up their news feeds. You can change the permissions for Mafia Wars and other games on Facebook as well as learn how to adjust your Facebook profile’s privacy settings using our Facebook Guide.
Mafia Wars Guide Tip #10: (hitlist yourself) – Select a lower Mafia Wars level in your profile such as a street thug and ask someone to add you to the Mafia Wars hitlist. They just need to go into my mafia, select your profile, and add you to the hitlist. If you want to guarantee that you get experience and you don’t get snuffed-out, ask some lower level Mafia Wars players to attack you. In return you could provide a service for them such as beating up a local Mafia Wars bully.
Mafia Wars Guide Tip #11: (conserve energy) – When you’re within approximately two hundred points of the next level, refrain from using any Mafia Wars energy packs as you’ll be instantly re-energized upon reaching that next level.
Mafia Wars Guide Tip #12: (visit Cuba) – Once you reach Mafia Wars level 35 you should take the trip to Cuba to obtain more powerful weapons and gain experience.
Mafia Wars Guide Tip #13: (browsers) – Most people use Internet Explorer to play Mafia Wars but it’s super slow. You’d be better off downloading and installing a much faster browser like Opera or Google Chrome.
Mafia Wars Guide Tip #14: (Mafia Wars fans) – Adding members to your mafia is one of the most important aspects of the Mafia Wars game. Doing so allows you to level-up faster, earn more money and get protection from other mafia families. While you could send out invites to all your friends on Facebook, it’s not advised. Despite the fact that Mafia Wars is a very entertaining game, many people don’t play it and don’t want to be annoyed with invites.
So what is a Mafia Wars player left to do? Well, one proven way to find other Mafia Wars adds is to join many of the Mafia Wars fan pages and groups. There you can easily find and add mafia members without the worry of knowing whether or not if they will be irritated by the invitation to join your mafia.
Mafia Wars Guide Tip #15: (pimping) – While you’re visiting any given Mafia Wars fan page or group, try to get “pimped” by the admin for the fan page or group. What is “pimping” you ask? Pimping is a word used to describe a recommendation of a player on the fan page to all the current fans of that page/group. The admin posts your player profile link on the site in front of the thousands/millions of fans suggesting they add you. Depending on the number of fans the page/group has, you can receive hundreds to thousands of friend requests and game adds in a span of just a few minutes. Mafia Wars pimping is one of the best and fastest ways to gain mafia members.
Mafia Wars Guide Tip #16: (contribute knowledge) – If you have any Mafia Wars tips or strategies, send them to me and I’ll add them to the official Mafia Wars list. If your Mafia Wars tip is included in the list, we’ll give you credit by adding a link to your name next to the tip to help you grow your Mafia Wars family!
Mafia Wars Guide Tip #17: (befriend properly) – Add other Mafia Wars players on Facebook so they can join your Mafia Wars family. When you request the add, include the message “Mafia Wars” so they know what the Facebook add is for.
Share this Mafia Wars guide <=== Share our Mafia Wars guide with your family and friends on Facebook, MySpace, StumbleUpon, and Twitter. Doing so helps us provide more help for you. Our Mafia Wars guide is a great tool for teaching your family and friends how to play Mafia Wars so when they’re ready to join your Mafia Wars family they’ll be well educated and ready to fight for you!

Other games – If you’re looking for more games to play, you may want to check out our list of the top Facebook games. Mafia Wars made our it to our list so most likely you’re going to like other games on the list too.

Hot Rod Harvester

Hot Rod Harvester

Players that are currently at level 12 or higher in Farmville can unlock the ability to purchase a Hot Rod Harvester that can harvest up to 9 plots at a time. (3 x 3)

There are two ways you can acquire the new Hot Rod Harvester.

You can purchase the Hot Rod Harvester for 55 Farm Cash from the Market.

You can also visit Mafia Wars to unlock the option to purchase the tractor in Farmville for Coins.
Clicking the "Get This" button on the coins option will give you the following popup that gives you the option to play Mafia Wars to unlock the Harvester.

Clicking “Play” will take you to Mafia Wars where you will see the following pop-up:

After clicking the ‘Start Playing Mafia Wars Now’ button, you will be taken to the Mafia Wars jobs page and can begin playing Mafia Wars in order to reach level 18 AND travel to Bangkok to unlock the Harvester. Information on how to access Bangkok can be found when selecting Bangkok from the Travel menu.
Once you reach level 18 and have traveled to Bangkok in Mafia Wars, you will receive the following popup:

Clicking ‘Play Farmville Now’ will return you to Farmville, and the Hot Rod Tractor (that can be purchased for coin) is unlocked in the Market.

Note: After completing the MW level requirement for the Harvester, it may take up to thirty minutes to be credited with the tractor in FV.

Limeted edition Crops

  • Golden Poppy - Level 25 (120 Coins, 2 XP, Harvest in 8hrs, 200 Coin Yield)

  • White Grapes - Level 5 (120 Coins, 3 XP, Harvest in 1 Day, 200 Coin Yield)

Limited Edition Items

Limited Edition Items:

  • Bear Cub - 22 Farm Cash

  • Valley Quail - 16 Farm Cash

  • Tiger Lantern - 5,250 Coins

  • Red Lantern - 700 Coins

Hot Rod Seeder

Hot Rod Seeder,

Players that are currently level 12 or higher in Farmville can unlock the ability to purchase a Hot Rod Seeder that can plant in up to 9 plots at a time. (3 x 3)

There are two ways you can acquire the new Hot Rod Seeder.

You can purchase the Hot Rod Seeder for 55 Farm Cash from the Market.

You can also visit Mafia Wars to unlock the option to purchase the tractor in Farmville for Coins.

Clicking the "Get This" button on the coins option will give you the following popup that gives you the option to play Mafia Wars to unlock the Seeder. Please Note: You must be at least level 15 in Mafia Wars in order to begin unlocking the Hot Rod Seeder.

Clicking “Play” will take you to Mafia Wars where you will see the following pop-up:

After clicking the ‘Start Playing Mafia Wars Now’ button, you will be taken to the Mafia Wars jobs page and can begin playing Mafia Wars in order to gain 5 more levels and unlock the Seeder. Please Note: To unlock the Seeder, you must gain 5 levels in Mafia Wars, regardless of your current level. Ex. If you enter Mafia Wars to unlock the Seeder and you are level 15, you much get to level 20 to unlock the Seeder. If you are level 20, you must get to level 25.
Once you gain 5 levels in Mafia Wars, you will receive the following popup:

Clicking ‘Play Farmville Now’ will return you to Farmville, and the Hot Rod Tractor (that can be purchased for coin) is unlocked in the Market.

Note: After completing the MW level requirement for the Seeder, it may take up to thirty minutes to be credited with the tractor in FV.

FarmVille Valentines Expires in Less than 24 hours

FarmVille Valentines are about to expire in less than 24 hours.

You should accept all of the Valentines you’ve received within this time period as they may not work once this time limit has expired.

How many Valentines did you collect?

New Achievement - Horse Power

New Achievement:
Horse Power
  • Yellow Ribbon: Collect 5 consumables from the Horse Stable
  • White Ribbon:Collect 25 consumables from the Horse Stable
  • Red Ribbon:Collect 50 consumables from the Horse Stable
  • Blue Ribbon:Collect 100 consumables from the Horse Stable

Chicken Coop Expansion

Chicken Coop Expansion
  • Chicken Coop Expansion functions the same as Storage Expansion (Barn Raising).
  • Your Chicken Coop can be expanded twice.
  • You can purchase expansions or you can ask your friends to help you increase your Coop size.
  • The Big Coop has a capacity of 40 chickens.
  • The Huge Coop has a capacity of 60 chickens.
  • The chance of finding mystery eggs continues to increase with more chickens.

Limited Edition Trees

Limited Edition Trees:

  • Carnival Tree - (1,500 Coins, Harvest in 3 Days, 80 Coin Yield)

  • Mandarin Tree - (850 Coins, Harvest in 4 Days, 80 Coin Yield)

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