Farmville Forget-Me-Not

Farmville Forget-Me-Not is the newest seed available for 7 days in Farmville starting today. It's a limited seed that cost 45 coins and can be harvested for 126 coins. You can harvest this Forget-Me-Not flower in 18 Hours and will give you 2 xp.

Planting this Forget-Me-Not flower in Farmville won't give you mastery experience, which means you can't gained mastery level by planting this.

FarmVille Freak Ian’s “FarmVille Gone Too Crazy!” Video

Thank you to FarmVille Freak Ian for sending us his video he made! Check it out:

FarmVille New Buildings: School House & Library

Because learning is so much fun, FarmVille has added a School House and a Library to the existing set of buildings.

The School House and Library can both be purchased with coins only and there is no need for farm cash.

The School House will become available for farmers at level 18 and the Library will be available to farmers at level 19.

FarmVille 24 x 24 Land Expansion available…

for FarmVille Fans.

FarmVille 24 x 24 Mighty Plantation Expansion Icon

FarmVille Mighty Plantation 500,000 Coins                    FarmVille Mighty Plantation 60 FV Cas
Only fans of FarmVille will have early access to purchase the latest “Mighty Plantation” expansion in the FarmVille Market. If you are not a fan of FarmVille,you will not have access now, but will eventually be able to purchase as well.

FarmVille Mighty Plantation Notice

FarmVille 24 x 24 Mighty Plantation Notice 2
And what everyone wants to know: How much will this expansion cost?

FarmVille 24 x 24 Expansion Notice 3
The 24 x 24 Land Expansion will cost either 500,000 coins OR 60 FV$. It will also require you to have at least 30 FarmVille neighbors.

FarmVille Facebook Sharing of Mighty Plantation

From Zynga:
“If you are not a Fan of the FarmVille Fan Page you can gain access to the 24×24 Land Expansion by becoming a Fan here:…d=102452128776
Please note: If you choose to become a Fan after the 24 x 24 Land Expansion is released, there may be a delay in acquiring your 24 x 24 Land Expansion. ”

FarmVille Unreleased Hot Rod / Turbo Tractor!

Rumor has it there will be a HOT ROD or Turbo Tractor released in FarmVillle! Could this be one of the presents?!
Thanks to FarmVille Freak Veronica for telling us about the tractor glitch that appeared oN her farm!

The tractor is rumored to be able to plow 9 plots. However, in order to purchase the tractor with coins it will cost you 50,000 and must have at least a level 10 on Mafia Wars! If you don’t play Mafia Wars, then you can purchase the tractor for 55 FarmVille Cash.

Looks like Zynga’s marketing department is working over time

Farmville Cracked Ribbon

Farmville Cracked Ribbon is one of the future ribbons to be released by Zynga on their upcoming updates. This rumored ribbon can be obtain by opening mystery eggs found by your friends.

Here are the possible requirements and awards under Cracked Ribbon:
  • Yellow Ribbon - You need to open 5 mystery eggs. You'll gain 50 XP and 500 Coins as a reward.
  • White Ribbon - You need to open 10 mystery eggs. You'll gain 100 XP and 2,500 Coins as a reward.
  • Red Ribbon - You need to open 25 mystery eggs. You'll gain 250 XP and 5,000 Coins as a reward.
  • Blue Ribbon - You need to open 50 mystery eggs. You'll gain 1000 XP and 10,000 Coins as a reward.
NOTE: I can't guarantee the accuracy and correctness of this post because this Cracked Ribbon was not yet officially released.

Crop Mastery in Farmville Explained

Crop Mastery is a very important aspect of the Farmville game, but it can be very difficult to fully understand. There are many variables to Crop Mastery, which makes it both an intriguing and frustrating concept in the game. The basic idea behind Crop Mastery is that you are able to progress in levels as you plant more and more of the same crop. There are three levels of Crop Mastery for each type of seed that you can plant in Farmville. Each of the Crop Mastery levels is earned by completing a certain number of successful harvests, usually numbered in the hundreds or even thousands. You need to be at level 10 or higher to earn levels in Crop Mastery.
The rewards for gaining each level in Crop Mastery are very similar to ribbons. You get coins and XP each time you advance a level. Once you achieve level 3 of mastery in a particular crop, then each time you plant that crop, there is a small chance that the crop will become a
Premium Crop. A Premium Crop appears a little bit larger than normal crops and it provides XP upon harvesting instead of just coins. That’s a huge benefit! The amount of XP and the chance of having a premium crop varies from seed to seed. In some cases, there’s as much as a 40% chance that your crops will become premium if you’re a master. In others, such as Artichokes, the chance is only 5%. That’s a whole other reason to never plant Artichokes in this game, but that’s another long story.
When you reach level 3 in crop mastery for a particular crop, you earn a mastery sign for that crop that you can place anywhere on your farm. The sign is a great way to show off to your neighbors that you have become a master of that particular crop.
So which crops should you try to master? Like so many things in Farmville, it really depends on your play style and your overall goals. One thing to remember is that you should really aim for crop mastery with the types of crops that you plan to continue growing the most. So you’ll want to line up your mastery with high-yielding coin and XP crops, such as the various berry plants, like strawberries, raspberries and blueberries. Blackberries are an excellent crop to master later in the game, but require a great number of harvests to achieve level 3 mastery. Pumpkins and Tomatoes, two already high-performing crops for XP gain, are great choices for mastery early on.
Whatever you choose, crop mastery is a fun and exciting way to get more out of your Farmville game. It takes considerable patience and a lot of planting, but soon you can become a master in a number of different crops.

Dr Phil Farmville

As we all know, Farmville is the most popular online game nowadays. And today, Dr Phil Farmville becomes one of the hottest searched terms today in Google because of the advised of Dr Phil in his show to a mom that is very addicted with Farmville. The mom said that she was addicted to Farmville which interfering with her daily life and as a mom. She said that the first thing that she do when she woke up is to log-in in her Facebook account to access Farmville.

Dr Phil advised her to just delete his Farmville account and getting out of Farmville entirely. Do you think Dr Phil advise is right?

For me, deleting your account in Farmville when you're really addicted is very imposible to do, you can't stop immediately the things that you're very addicted. I thik Dr Phil should advised to slowly shorten the number of hours the mom play with Farmville and dedicate some of her hours on the duty that is supposedly done by moms.

FarmVille Hot Rod Tractor is a reality!!!

FarmVille Hot Rod Tractor is not a myth any more as some of the FarmVille Players have received them as a trial.

Zynga Developers have also opened their mouths about the issue of FarmVille Hot Rod Tractor by saying:-
This feature is currently only available to a small group of randomly selected users. Due to the nature of this release, we will continue to roll this feature out to 100% of users in the coming days."
Hot Rod Tractor:
Users at level 12 in Farmville can unlock the ability to purchase a Hot Rod Tractor that can plow up to 9 plots at a time. (3 x 3)

There are two ways you can acquire the new Hot Rod Tractor.
•You can purchase the Hot Rod Tractor for 55 Farm Cash from the Market.

•You can also visit Mafia Wars to unlock the option to purchase the tractor in Farmville for Coins.

Clicking the “Get This” button will give you the option to launch Mafia Wars. You will receive another pop-up informing you that you can unlock the Hot Rod Tractor by advancing to Level 10 in Mafia Wars.

Upon entering Mafia Wars, you will see the following pop-up:

After clicking the ‘Start Playing Mafia Wars Now’ button, you will be taken to the Mafia Wars jobs page and can begin playing Mafia Wars in order to reach level 10 and unlock the tractor.

Once you reach level 10 in Mafia Wars, you will receive the following popup:

Clicking ‘Play Farmville Now’ will return you to Farmville, and the Hot Rod Tractor (that can be purchased for coin) is unlocked in the Market.
Note: After completing the MW level requirement for the tractor, it may take up to thirty minutes for some users to be credited with the tractor in FV.

Harvest Time

Farmville is getting ready for Thanksgiving and Autumn by adding acorn squash, pattypan squash, and cranberries. I hope they add a turkey soon! I’ve updated my profit sheet and the chart for profits with the new items. The sheet has been updated to include mastery and, depending on how wide your screen is, it may cut off parts of the sheet. Click here to view the entire sheet in Google Docs.

Farmville Feed The Chicken

Farmville Feed the Chicken.
Today's Farmville update includes the ability to feed your neighbors chicken in the chicken coop by visiting their farm.
Feeding the chickens of your friends will increase the chance that the chickens will yield mystery eggs. You may also find mystery eggs while feeding your friends chicken, you also will get 1xp.

Cash Crops

The following list shows you the most profitable crops for a particular length of time. Depending on your game level, some of these crops may not be currently available to you, so use whatever you can at the moment for maximum profit.
All of the crops' profits are calculated by subtracting the cost of seed and plowing from the sale value, and then that's divided by the number of hours it takes to mature. That lets us know how much money we're making on a crop per hour.

Example: It's better to make 2.5 cents profit on a strawberry acre every hour than 65 cents profit on one wheat crop every three days, because the strawberries will net 180 cents in three days, versus only 65 cents in three days on the wheat.

The only reason why you would want to plant the wheat versus the strawberries is if you are going away for a long weekend and won't be able to harvest for three days. At which point, a 50 cent harvest is better than no harvest at all.

2 hours - 5.5 cents/hr raspberries

4 hours - 6.5 blueberries; 2.5 strawberries

6 hours - 3.3 aloe vera

8 hours - 7.25 tomatoes; 2.875 pumpkins

12 hours - 6.25 carrots; 3 rice

16 hours - 6.75 coffee

1 day - 6.875 sunflowers; 3.208 peppers; 1.375 soybeans

2 days - 4.5 yellow bell peppers; 2.75 pineapples; 1.375 squash; 1 eggplant

3 days - 2.986 corn; 2.708 potatoes; 1.625 cotton; 0.903 wheat

4 days - 2.27 watermelons; 1.24 artichokes

I have not obtained complete access to all of the crops yet, so I will amend this list as I level up and find ever-more profitable crops (for the curious, I am currently at Level 25).

Farmville Collections

Farmville Collections is a newest feature in Farmville. It allows Farmvile player to collect collectibles items while doing normal task like plowing, harvesting and planting.
Currently, there are four (4) collections that you get the Gardening Tools Collection, Country Kitsch Collection, Bug Collection, Feather Collection. And under each collection have six (6) items (3 Common, 2 Uncommon and 1 Rare).
If you have completed at least one of the collection, then you can trade it for reward.

Farmville Cat Lady

Farmville Cat Lady is one of the two newest ribbon available in Farmville. The requirements to get this ribbon is to brush a number of cats.

For example, to earn the yellow ribbon (first ribbon) of Cat Lady ribbon you need to brush 5 cats.
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