FarmVille Speedtrick (Must see)

Farmville Carrier Pigeons

You can't find this Carrier Pigeons anywhere aside for signing up in Farmville email updates. By signing up, you'll automatically be given a Carrier Pigeon in you giftbox.
The image above is taken when one of the pigeons in the Carrier Pigeons fly. There is also an option to make this pigeon fly.

Facebook Game Problem

While logging-in in my Farmville and Cafe World (both game are from Zynga) i saw a noticed on top of the game windows that the games are experiencing connection problem with Facebook.
Facebook is experiencing performance issues. During this time, farmers may experience lag or lost gifts/bonuses.

I also notice that i've lost some of my gifts when i try to accept them, so it's advisable not to accept the gift that you received for you Farmville and Cafe world.

FarmVille Super Bowl stadium and football field coming soon

Looks like FarmVille is gearing up for the "Big Game," a.k.a. the Super Bowl! Check out these possible items we may be seeing in the near future.

Farmville Sendable Gifts and New Decorations

Now you can buy and send gifts to your friends!Yes if you go look at the market you will see new purple buttons “send”. That means you can send gifts to your friends if they need them and cant afford them. There is a lot of new decorations relating the Super Ball (NFL) Farmville call it Farmball!

Farmville Haiti Donation Thanks

Today when you logged in to your accounts Zynga had a little present for everyone!
It was a thanks to everyone for supporting tragic situation in Haiti. Thank you everyone!

Your little guy/girl will walk faster for one day! :)

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