FarmVille Easter Egg Cheats & Tips: Four ways to collect more eggs

In honor of the Spring season upon us, FarmVille has rolled out the Spring
Basket, which requires you to fill it with colorful eggs that can be traded in
for redeemable prizes. There are four ways to acquire Easter eggs for this
mini-game, and we list them all here so you will can have the most egg-cellent
collection among all of your FarmVille neighbors.

farmville easter eggs as free gifts

1. Entice fellow farmers to send you FarmVille Easter eggs as free gifts

Head over to the Free Gifts section of the game, and you'll notice that five
colorful eggs are now available for gifting:

*Pink Spring Egg

*Orange Spring Egg

*Purple Spring Egg

*Blue Spring Egg

*Red Spring Egg

You can send these eggs to up to 30 people per day, and of course, ask friends
to send them back to you. As usual, if you give you will be more likely to

farmville ask for Easter eggs

Or, if you want take a more pro-active approach, ask up to 30 friends a day to
send Easter Eggs (via the Spring Basket pop-up screen). Friends who respond will
receive a special bonus for helping you on your egg quest.

farmville easter eggs: find while fertilizing friends farms

2. Find Easter eggs while fertilizing FarmVille neighbors' farms

As an added twist, you will not be completely reliant on friends to score oodles
of Easter eggs -- you will also be able to find them while fertilizing friends
farms. A nice touch, especially since we've already spent so much time this
month pestering friends for gold and La Maison parts. An important note: we had
to do quite a bit of fertilizing to find this one egg; about six or seven farms
to find just one egg!

FarmVille Spring Eggs

3. Buy Easter eggs in the FarmVille Market

If you just want to get it over with already -- you can opt to buy them in the
FarmVille market. You can buy five Spring Eggs (Easter eggs) for 5 FarmVille
Cash. Depending on how many you need to buy, this could potentially turn into a
pricey acquisition.

farmville easter eggs wall post

4. Troll the Facebook News Feed to find friends giving away extra Easter

Once you find eggs while fertilizing a neighbor's farm, you will have the option
to share a few extras with friends by posting a notice to your Facebook wall. To
that point: your neighbors will *ideally* do the same. Keep a sharp eye out for
friends who find eggs and want to share -- that can be an effective way to have
your Spring basket overflowing with eggs in no time.

How did you get most of your FarmVille Easter eggs?

Millions of FarmVille players sign up for French courses

With the introduction of the French Chateau theme on FarmVille, millions of FarmVille players signed up for French courses to understand the many French terms that appeared in the names of the newly released items.

Husbands and mothers were not very happy about this. “ I can’t stand it anymore. She’s talking French all the time!” protested Ed, husband of farmer Suzie.

” My kids keep asking for croissants!”, said a mother of three FarmVille players. ” Peanut butter sandwiches are not cool anymore!”

The French theme leaves the market on the 30th of March. Will the French fever end with its departure?

FarmVille Mini Items Appear in Cafe World and FishVille!

The other Zynga games, Cafe World and FishVille are celebrating FarmVille by releasing special edition mini-FarmVille collectible items.

FarmVille in Fishville Announcement

You can send and receive mini FarmVille items through the Gifting Pages of Cafe World and FishVille. The mini-FarmVille items will change on a daily basis and will be available for only a limited amount of time. For example, today’s Cafe World FarmVille collectible is a Mini-Barn. Additionally, FishVille has FarmVille items in the Market Place that you can buy with coins.

In the past, PetVille has also participated in FarmVille themed items.

Note: The Mini-FarmVille items are used in the game they appear in, they are not for use in FarmVille.

FarmVille FishVille

FarmVille FishVille Red

FarmVille FishVille
Tractor Sub

FarmVille FishVille

FarmVille FishVille Deep
Sea Chicken

FarmVille FishVille
Seaweed Bunch

FarmVille FishVille Green
Kelp Bale

FarmVille FishVille Red
Kelp Bale

FarmVille FishVille Sea

FarmVille FishVille
Seahorse Stable Giftable

FarmVille FishVille Scuba
Duck Giftable

FarmVille FishVille Red
Kelp Bale Giftable

FarmVille FishVille Green
Kelp Bale Giftable

FarmVille Unreleased Golden Retriever & Border Collie Animated

FarmVille Freak
Unreleased Border Collie


FarmVille Unreleased
Golden Retriever Puppy

The Flash plugin is required to view this object.

The Flash plugin is required to view this object.



  1. FarmVille Unreleased Golden Retriever –

    Zynga FarmVille Image

    Zynga FarmVille Animated
  2. FarmVille Unreleased Border Collie –

    Zynga FarmVille Image

    Zynga FarmVille Animated

We’ve all seen the still images of the FarmVille unreleased
Dogs, now check out the animated video!

These images are directly from Zynga and ownership belongs to
Zynga alone.

Thanks to FarmVille Freaks: FVFreak Lawyer, FVFreak
MarkMartijn, and FVFreak Saquib244 for sharing their finds with

Do you think we can expect the FV Dogs next week!?

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