FarmVille Cheats and Tricks That Work

The best game application on Facebook is FarmVille, which is similar to YoVille and FarmTown. Playing FarmVille with your Facebook friends is fun and free. It takes money to build the best farm, but it also takes gaining experience level points in order to advance. When you advance in FarmVille, you are able to buy seeds that pay better money when harvesting and you can also buy a larger farm. Cheats and tricks, as well as hints for FarmVille are useful when you want to get to a higher level quickly, make more money, get better gifts, buy better decorations or even help friends out by sending them multiple gifts on the same day.

FarmVille cheats and tricks are available online but many of them do not work. You can gain experience by simply playing the game, and you do not have to download any additional programs in order to cheat FarmVille. Farming is all about hard work and you do have to put some elbow grease into it if you wish to have the best and biggest farm on Facebook. I have found these FarmVille cheats and tested them on my own. Although I enjoy playing the game fairly, I like to test out a new method in order to help someone else out.

FarmVille Experience Level Points Cheat That Works

When you are playing FarmVille sometimes you will run into the problem of having a lot of money but not available land to plant more seeds order to get experience points. This cheat is useful when you are also very close to a higher experience level but have no plots available to plow or harvest for points. You do need some money saved up in order to use this trick, so do not buy decorations or spend FarmVille coins on things that will not gain experience points.

To get started you will need 10 plots that are empty or need to be plowed. Calculate how much money you will need to plant what you really want to harvest, such as watermelons that take 4 days to harvest but sell for 348 FarmVille coins. You will not planting watermelons right away in these plots so be patient, reserve 1300 FarmVille coins for seeds planting and 150 coins for plowing those future watermelon plots.

To start this FarmVille cheat that really works, plow your 10 plots and buy soybeans. It will cost 150 coins to plow and 150 coins to plant soybeans, but delete those plot using the shovel tool immediately after seeds have been planted.

Now you might wonder why you should delete FarmVille plots in order to gain experience level points, but plowing and planting soybeans will gain you 30 points on those 10 plots. You can repeat this cheat process, each time it will cost 300 FarmVille coins in order plow and plant, then delete using the shovel. You will see your FarmVille experiences quickly rising and coming closer to the next level where your ultimate goal is. After you have accumulated all the wanted experiences and gained a new level, you can plant the exact seeds that you wanted to buy. Experience level FarmVille cheat can be done as quickly as you can plow, plant and delete. You can even expedite the process by using your harvester, tractor and seeder if you already have them.

Getting Unlimited Gifts On FarmVille Cheat That Works
The best FarmVille cheat that will get you free coins is sending multiple gifts from one Facebook account. You can ask a friend or a family member that is already playing FarmVille to help you out with this. Return the favor by sending multiple gifts to them on FarmVille using the same trick. In order to use this trick to get more coins fast you will need to use FireFox instead of Internet Explorer.

Login to Facebook and go to Farmville, then click on Free Gifts. Instead of selecting and sending the item right away, right click on the button Free Gifts and select “Open in new window”. Continue doing so until you have several windows opened. I have tested this FarmVille trick with up to 10 windows opened at the same time. Do it late at night or early in the morning, when Facebook is less busy and you will not get error messages in the browser.

On each window, select gifts and you can select a different gift to give in each browser. Then select your FarmVille friends. Again you can select different users in each browser to send gifts to using this cheat. Continue to the window of confirming to Send free gift to FarmVille friends. Click on confirm and Send button one after one, and each window will send out that gift. This trick is also called unlimited gift cheat, as you can open up as many windows as your computer can handle as long as they are opened at the same time, and confirmation is done once all of the opened windows are at the confirm to send option.

Friends and family can send you unlimited gifts on FarmVille the same way or you can open up a fake Facebook account to send yourself gifts to. Facebook though does not always appreciate fake users, due to the fear of spamming, so sharing this trick with FarmVille buddies works best to get unlimited gifts every day.

Getting Free Coins FarmVille Cheat That Works

The cheat to get free FarmVille coins is very simple, sell your multiple gifts that you receive daily. Animals and trees look nice, but I think that they take up space that can be used for real money making by planting and harvesting. You can keep a few animals such as goats, horses and chickens on FarmVille because they pay good in coins when goodies are collected. As far as trees go, cherry and peach trees are completely useless and do not pay well. Banana, olive and date trees pay better coins when harvested so you can keep a few of those and get rid of the rest.

Now, you can still get every gift using FarmVille and get it in unlimited amounts on a daily basis. Just instead of keeping them - sell them! I receive trees on FarmVille and keep them for harvest only once, then sell them immediately after harvesting is completed. At the time the tree is gifted to you it did not cost a coin, so it’s okay to use it for one harvest. After that it takes too long for it to complete and it will take up space. Use coins collected from selling trees and animals to buy soybeans seeds for your experience level cheat.

Building the best and biggest farm of FarmVille takes hard work, and planting, harvesting and plowing multiple times a day. That is the best way to gain the most out of FarmVille and is not even a cheat, it’s more of a helpful hint. FarmVille requires doing a little math in order to harvest in a timely manner.

FarmVille gives you a set amount of time until your crops can be harvested. If pumpkins take 8 hours to grow, you have an additional 8 hours to harvest that crop after it has finished growing. When planting, add the same amount of time it takes to grow to the time it takes to harvest and that is how long you have until the crop goes bad. I do not plant raspberries, they give you no experience points but can help get ribbons. I have only planted and harvested raspberries once on FarmVille, since that was all that “Green Thumb” ribbon required.

Blueberries pay the most FarmVille coins and can make you good money during the day, when you are available to plant and harvest multiple times a day. It takes four hours for blueberries to grow and you can harvest them while at work or playing on the computer. Do this multiple times a day and then at night plant a crop such as tomatoes and pumpkins that take eight hours to grow. You will have eight hours for them to finish growing, but also an additional eight hours to harvest in case you are not up early in the morning. Aloe Vera takes 6 hours to grow, or you can plant Rice which takes 12 hours to grow and you can harvest this crop on FarmVille as soon as you get up in the morning.

Never plant only one crop on your entire farm in FarmVille. Plant different items and combine blueberries, tomatoes, pumpkins, watermelons and grapes. For lower levels, try a mix of strawberries, soybeans and rice. This helps time pass by and it will keep you harvesting throughout the day, which then gets you FarmVille coins and allows you to gain a lot of experience points all day long.

If you insist on having FarmVille animals, then move them to the side where only one row of space is left. They do not need a large enclosed pen in order to live, and especially since animals do not get your experience points on FarmVille. Many of them just take up space and do not get you a lot of FarmVille coins. So push them off to the side, and utilize maximum space for your FarmVille plots. The best FarmVille cheat that works is remembering that planting and harvesting crops pays the most coins, and not animal collecting.

Farmville Hay Bale Stacking

This is not real stacking. It's just an illusion, an original way of decorating your farm.
Stacking is impossible in FarmVille, at least so far.

Further detailed:
The isometric system of this game allows the user only one level of stacking, therefore we have to trick it to make it look like there are several levels.

Code-wise there is only one level, but graphically you can stack as many as you want. And that, out of both, is what most of us people are focusing on this game, visuals, which actually seems to be the proposed objective of the game. That is, we don't care about where the bales are actually placed, we just enjoy the aesthetics of it.

Therefore it's no matter the actual fact of bales being stacked or not but, as it seems like they are, we can call it so with no doubt, as that is the whole point, that it looks like they are stacked.
Hope I cleared it now. Anymore comments you propose ill be happy to talk about.

Farmville Help: How To: Level up Fast In Farmville!

Farmville Help: How To: Level up Fast In Farmville!

Quick Leveling in Farmville

It is aggravating if you’re the player lounging there, working on your plowing, but it looks that your neighbors, who are supposedly doing the exact same thing, are rank climbing much faster while you are left to meander your way along the levels. There’s no possibility that their plots are harvesting any quicker than yours, yet you still come in far behind them. But hold it! Finally you also can learn the secrets your friends already know, plus some. You just have to know where to find them.

A speedy Google search might turn up a lot of cheat websites, tip internet sites, and internet sites claiming this guide or that book will sling you past your buddies. While many of these are probably innocuous and may or may not work, be cautious. A few websites might attempt to sell you a book claiming to be the know all and end all of Farmville cheats. These books are most likely hoaxes and at best you’ll be out real life money. Dont get scammed, theres many free hacks out there to keep you going in your journey to become the top Farmville champion.

For example, heres one of my top picks. Ever see how the host seems to bog down when youre planting? Get fed up of waiting for your avatar to catch up with your mouse clicks? Do this. Find a quartet of haybales, and block your farmer inside of them. Now, your farmer is not wandering all over the place, bogging you down. He will do the plowing from right where he’s standing! Finally plowing will go quicker because the computer can work on your mouse clicks rather than whatever your farmer is trying to do.

This hack and more such points are all over the internet, just waiting for you to discover them. So take a gander, and have fun leveling!

How To: Level up Fast In Farmville!

Farmville came out with a update on September/09/09, when you buy haybales from the market, you dont need to go to the market everytime.

Planting raspberries with glitch on Farmville

This is me planting raspberries on my farm in Farmville. I don't know what happened with the image thing but thats never happened to me before and it doesn't do any harm to your farm.

FarmVille Cheat Codes

Farmville cheat codes are available for coins, cash and experience. Find cheats for Farmville throughout the page below. Links to other Farmville cheats are included in this page. Listed within this page are the speed cheats, along with the fastest growing crops.

FarmVille is a social game developed by Zynga, and available on social networks and iPhones. Launched in June 2009, it became one of the most popular applications on Facebook, garnering 10 million users in less than a month. This is one of the most popular games on the largest social networking system in the world.

In this MMORPG game, you can buy the farm in a good way. You learn how to plough, plant, reap your harvest, and help your friendly neighbors on this game. This game is for people of all ages, and is easy to learn. Yes, players will find some cheat codes, along with strategy tips and hints for everyone to use.

Facebook Farmville Cheat Codes for Speed
Clear a section in your field of plots, you need to create a nice section of land, which only grass on it. Clear nine spots in a formation. Now ‘walk’ your person in the middle of this section.

Go to the market, purchase the cheapest fences, and set the fences around the person. After you have set four fences down you will need to turn two of them. You can click on the fence when it is placed and turn it sideways. This effectively blocks in the person and now you can plow and plant much quicker.

This fence trick is super handy if you have a large amount of area to plow or plant. If you use other items to block in your person, he or she will walk around the perimeter and proceed to plant or plow.

Facebook Farmville Cheat Codes for Crop Growing
Crops grow and ripen at various times. There is no way to stop the crops from growing while you are away from your computer. Plant the crops that take longer to grow when you go away form your computer for a while.

If you are planning on being away from your computer for 8 hours try planting tomatoes, pumpkins, or sugar cane. All of these items are available at different levels and they can really make the difference in rotting fruit. This saves money and time from clearing rotted crops.

FarmVille Seed Calculator - What Seed Should I Plant?

Welcome to the FarmVille Seed Calculator! Now you can calculate how many coins and XP you will get from your seeds at the click of a button. Simply choose your seed, the number of plots you will plant on, and click 'Calculate Profit'! The 'Net Profit' field shows how many coins you will get for your seeds!
Number of Plots:

Four Tips to Get XP and Level Up Fast

If you want to Level Up faster than you currently are, there are a number of different ways to do so aside from plowing plots and planting seeds. Your level growth doesn't have to be limited to the size of your farm! Some of these tips may seem simple, but combining them all together will help you to gain XP quicker!

1. Keep your gifts wrapped till Christmas - One of the ribbon tasks is entitled 'Not Spoiled, Gifted'. You receive ribbons (and in turn, XP and cash) for keeping your unique gifts wrapped. Once you reach 21 ribbons, you receive the blue ribbon, a very substantial gift of XP and cash, and you can now open all of your gifts at once.

2. Buy a few decorations each time you plant - The best decoration for your money is Hay Bales, which I discuss in detail here. Hay bales = 5 XP for 100 Coins = Awesome. In addition, for most other decorations you buy, XP is recieved in bulk quantities. If you make a conscious effort to add this at the end of your planting schedule, the little XP from each purchase adds up and helps you achieve your goals quicker.

3. Be a helper all day, every day - You receive 5 XP and 20 coins for each time you help your neighbor. This can be done at least once a day, and FarmVille will send you random alerts asking you to help your freinds. 5 XP may not seem like alot, but if you have 20 freinds, thats 100 XP every single day. Over a week, that equals 700 XP, which might actually be enough to level up in some lower levels. In any case, reward yourself for taking advantage of the social aspects of FarmVille.

4. Complete ribbon challenges - Each ribbon gives you a certain amount of XP, and most of the earlier ribbons are quite easy to achieve. Knock out the early ribbons ASAP, and focus on the easiest ribbons to achieve, which are 'Not Spoiled, Gifted' and 'Pack Rat'. Completing these will net you a ton of extra XP!

Just as in life, the little things can help your XP go sky high!

Great Trick for XP - The Architect Ribbon

While going through the accomplishments needed to complete my ribbons today, I noticed that I was 6 buildings away from the Red Architect Ribbon. I looked through the Buildings section in FarmVille...but everything seemed to cost too much to be worth paying for to complete a ribbon.

Then, it occurred to me that I already had 2 Rest Tents (@ 1,000 coins apiece) and both were counting towards my building total. So, I went ahead and bought enough rest tents to complete my ribbon, and talk about value!! Take a look at these statistics for cost / XP were you to buy only rest tents to fulfill the Architect building requirement. Note that '# Tents' is how many more tents it will take to fulfill your requirement, not the total number of tents needed.

Yellow Ribbon

# Tents Gross Cost Total XP Net Cost XP / Coin

2 Tents 2000 Coins 120 -1500 0.08

White Ribbon

# Tents Gross Cost Total XP Net Cost XP / Coin

4 Tents 4000 Coins 290 -1500 0.193

Red Ribbon

# Tents Gross Cost Total XP Net Cost XP / Coin

9 Tents 9000 Coins 590 -4000 0.147

Blue Ribbon

# Tents Gross Cost Total XP Net Cost XP / Coin

15 Tents 15000 Coins 1150 -5000 0.23


# Tents Gross Cost Total XP Net Cost XP / Coin

30 Tents 30000 Coins 2150 -12000 0.179

This may only be a one time XP boost...but for 12000 coins, you get 2150 XP! Thats .179 XP for every coin you spend, which is totally worth it! And, if you sell your rest tents after you finish your ribbon, you only spend 10500 coins on 2150 XP (.204 XP / coin)! And this little trick is pretty much an automatic level up (unless you are really high up there)!.

So today's moral: Buy 30 Rest Tents, sell them, and enjoy having a ton more XP than you did a few minutes ago!


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