Happy Birthday Bob Marley! You would have Loved FarmVille!

In honor of Bob Marley’s birthday, we bring you the game he would have played if he was still with us Jammin’.
Disclaimer: This video may not be suitable to all viewers.

New Limited Edition Items Plant These New Crops To gain Maximum Coins and XP

Limited Edition Items:

White Rose - 75 coins

Yellow Rose - 20 coins

Fire & Ice Rose - 150 coins




Hot Pink Pig - 12 Farm Cash

Pink Patched Cow - 9 Farm Cash

Pinto Horse - 20 Farm Cash

Free Gifts

Heart Shaped Red Hay bale

Heart Shaped White Hay bale

Heart Shaped Pink Hay bale

Sunflower bucket (FarmVille.com Exclusive)

New Mystery Box


A new Mystery Box is available from the Market!

The New Mystery Box can be purchased for 16 Farm Cash.


Lonely Animal:

The Lonely Referee Cow is now available! If you see him wandering around,
make sure to give him a home.


Land Expansion:


The 24 x 24 Land Expansion is now available to ALL users!

FarmVille Gray/Grey Horse

Wow! What an exciting day for Horses in FarmVille. They’ve got new place to live and new family members. As a perk of completing the construction and building of your Horse Stable you will receive a free Grey Horse! The Grey Horse will appear in your Gift Box after Horse
Stable completion.  Nice! If you need  help or more details about building your Horse Stable, read here:

FarmVille Tips and Tricks Horse Stable Help

The Grey Horse is ready to harvest in 3 days and yields 84 coins. It re-sells for 105 coins. 

Farmville Fire & Ice Roses

Farmville Fire & Ice Roses
is one of the three limited seeds that you can
buy in Farmville market today. This is the best among the three seeds in terms
of XP gained because it gives 3 XP for 16 hours. These three seeds doesn't have
any mastery so you won't get any mastery level when you plant these seeds. This

Fire & Ice Roses
will available in the market for 11 days.

Horse Stables - Now you can do it!

Hey Farmers!
You can now build your very own Horse Stable!
Please find more information about the Horse Stable feature below:

Horse Stables
Upon entering Farmville you’ll receive the following Message of the Day.

After clicking the ‘OK’ button, you will be taken to your Gift Box where you will receive the Horse Stable Foundation.

You can also purchase the Horse Stable foundation from the decorations section of Market for 5,000 Coins.

Once you’ve placed the Foundation on your farm, you will be prompted with a message letting you know that you can post a feed to ask you friends for help building your stable.

Clicking the "Share" button will give you the option to post a feed to your wall. Up to 10 of your Neighbors can click on this feed to receive 100 Coins.

In order to use your Horse Stable, you’ll need to finish building it. Selecting ‘Look Inside’ from your foundation’s menu will show you what you need to complete your Horse Stable.

When you first place the foundation, you’ll have one Brick already. In order to build a complete stable you’ll need 10 of each item. You can get these items one of two ways:

1. From neighbours via the Free Gifts menu.

Neighbours can send you the components you need to build your Stable. Your Neighbors will be able to send you two of the five types of building components to help you complete your horse stables.

Please note that the two components displayed on the Free Gifts Page are randomized. As such, the components displayed on the Free Gifts Page may be different for each user. These two components are changed weekly.

When neighbours send you a building component, it works exactly like any other free gift. After you accept the gift it will appear in your gift box.

After clicking the "use" button under the gift it will automatically be added to your Horse Stable.

2. Purchasing components from the Market,

You can purchase components required to build your Horse Stable from the Market for 1 Farm Cash per item.

When you reach 25 items, you’ll receive pop-up that will allow you to post a feed to your wall. The first ten neighbors to click this feed will receive a random building component for their own Horse Stable construction.

When you complete your Horse Stable, you will receive a popup asking you if you’d like to share the news with your friends. Clicking the Share button on this popup will give you the option to post a feed to your wall that will give up to five neighbours who click on it a free Grey Horse.

Once the Horse Stable is complete, you’ll receive a Grey Horse of your own.

You’re able to store up to 20 horses in your stable and you may only have one Horse Stable per farm. Right now, you can store the regular brown Horse, the Grey Horse, and a new purchasable Pinto Horse.

Every 24 hours, you’ll be able to collect from the horses stored in your Horse Stable.

Farmville Dogs Are About To Come And Guard Your Farm Soon.

“Every farm has a dog. Can we get a dog for a pet someday?”

Well, Farmville Does know that Farmville community has been asking for Dogs for a very long time now. No one on the FarmVille team has anything against dogs, so Farmville Is happy to let all of you know that Dogs WILL be released in FarmVille in the future. Unfortunately, Exactly when is still not decided , but we will see dogs soon.

New Limited Edition Items and Mystery Box

New Limited Edition Items .

  • Chicken Cheer - 14 Farm Cash

  • Chicken Joy - 14 Farm Cash

  • Horse Spectator - 18 Farm Cash

  • Ground Hog - 18 Farm Cash

FarmVille Referee Cow Adoptable

Thank you to FarmVille Freak Rocking for the information regarding the Referee Cow.

The following is what the adoptable notice will say:
New: Refree Cows for adoption
“This referee cow was booed off the field for making a bad call. He’s reviewed the tapes and thinks he can do better next time! Will you help him get a second chance to get back on the field?”
You adopted the referee cow! Would you like to give her a home now?
{0} was grateful you helped find the referee cow a home! Yee-haw!

FarmVille Green Plume is Giftable

If you are trying to complete your Feather Collection, you will be happy to know that the Green Plume collectible is now giftable.
It appeared in the Gift area yesterday and will be available for you to send to your FarmVille neighbors.

Some items have also moved to FarmVille.com exclusives. These trees are not currently available in the FarmVille Market. The only way to get one is to receive it as a gift from your FarmVille neighbor. To send them to your friends you will have to send through FarmVille.com as they are exclusives.
•Fig Tree
•Grapefruit Tree
•Guava Tree
•Passion Fruit Tree
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